Intro to Knits - Grainline Lark Tee | Intermediate Class


Knits can be a little scary if you haven't worked with them before, but we're here to tell you...


In this class, one will learn how to:

  • Read a knit apparel sewing pattern
  • Lay out a pattern on fabric
  • Use a serger
  • Calculate neck binding
  • Finish a knit seam
  • Set a sleeve
  • Finish a knit hem
  • Make Grainline's Lark Tee from start to finish!

This class will be taught by Lilia Beaman of Western Whims.

The course will take place on one day for four hours total. It is designed to accommodate 3-6 students.

Prerequisites: You need to know how to use a sewing machine on your own and how to successfully sew a straight stitch. It is recommended that you have completed a few woven projects on your own and have recent sewing experience.


Sewing machines can be rented for $5 for the course. It is recommended that you bring a machine if you own one so that you may learn to sew on the machine that you'll be using the most. Sergers will be provided at no cost to the students, but feel free to bring one if you have one! 

(*items can be purchased for 10% off at The Cloth Pocket):
-Sewing Machine (one can be rented for $5)
-*1 1/2 yards of knit fabric (PRE-WASH FABRIC BEFORE COMING TO CLASS)
-*Fabric Scissors
-*Seam ripper
-*Sewing machine needle
-*Tape measure
-Paper Scissors
-Pen/Pencil for taking notes
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