Libs Elliott - The Watcher Skull Quilt | Beginner Class

Date and Time: Sat Mar 18 11a-6pm

Who doesn’t love fancy skulls?! In this full-day class, we’ll work on making the Watcher Skull quilt pattern. This is a fusible applique project which means there’s no sewing required to put all the skull pieces together – Hooray!

Libs will show you how to:

  • Use iron-on fusible web
  • Place and fuse the pieces
  • Customize the quilt to make it your own.

Prerequisites: Ability to use scissors and cut fabric.

A full day will give you a good start on the project so that you can finish it at home. The class will be from 11a-6p with a one-hour lunch break from 2-3pm. You are welcome to bring your lunch to eat in the studio or get your grub at any of the restaurants in the area (Titaya's Thai Cuisine is a literal stone's throw from our shop).

PRIOR TO CLASS: Libs requests printing out the pattern and tracing all the templates onto the fusible web sheets. Please order your pattern by March 6th to allow time for shipping.

(*items can be purchased at The Cloth Pocket for 10% off)

-*15 Different fabrics for skull (Refer to pattern for quantities and coloring worksheet)
-*1 ½ yds of background fabric
-*Fabric scissors (note: these may get sticky so don’t use your favorites)
-*Temporary marking tool - e.g. chalk marker – for marking background fabric
-Quilt Pattern: Purchase the pattern with fusible sheets online here:

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