Meet a Sewing Machine - Bi-Fold Wallet | Intro/ Novice Class

Date and Time: Sun Feb 19 & 26 11am-2pm

That sewing machine you got for Christmas five years ago collecting dust in your closet? Watch too many episodes of Project Runway and now you've got the urge to make your own clothes? Need a quick refresher on how to use your machine?


The Cloth Pocket Studio is proud to offer an Intro to Sewing course where one will learn:

  • How to use a sewing machine
  • How to lay out a simple pattern on fabric
  • Fabric cutting
  • Fabric pinning
  • How to properly use an iron
  • How to make a bi-fold wallet from start to finish!

This class will be taught by a variety of instructors.

The course will take place over two days for three hours each (six hours total). It is designed to accommodate 4-8 students. 

There are NO prerequisites for this course!

Sewing machines can be rented for $5 for the course. It is recommended that you bring a machine if you own one so that you may learn to sew on the machine that you'll be using the most.

Once you've successfully completed this course, you will be eligible to take any beginner sewing class at The Cloth Pocket Studio! 

(those marked with * are available for sale at The Cloth Pocket at 10% off for those taking the course)
-*1/4 yard of canvas or medium weight denim for outside
-*1/4 yard of fabric for lining
-*1/4 yard of fabric for card pockets
-Pencil for notes
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