Pocket Party - Quick 'n' Dirty Tee | Beginner Class

Date and Time: Fri May 5 7-9pm

Pre-requisites: Ability to operate a sewing machine.

Looking for something super easy to make AND learn some useful skills? This Pocket Party is for you!

In this class, we will make a "quick and dirty" tee shirt. You will learn how to whip up a tee based on a shirt that you already like the fit of and get to play around with knits! Sergers will be provided or you can bring your own.

NOTE: This class will NOT teach you the following techniques: how to use a pattern, properly finish knit hems, insert neck binding, or set sleeves. If you want to learn how to make a proper tee from a pattern, please take our Lark Tee Class where you will learn all those things.

This party will be led by Lilia Beaman of Western Whims. We will have wine, beer, and snacks on hand, but please feel free to BYOB!

(*items can be purchased at The Cloth Pocket for 10% off):
-*One to one and a half yards of prewashed knit fabric (one yard for petite peeps; one and a half for larger sizes)
- A classic plain tee shirt that you like the fit of (nothing with crazy binding/seaming/gathers/etc)
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