Sewing 101 - Boxy Travel Bag | Intro/ Novice Class

Date and Time: Mon Apr 24, 10a-2p

For brand new stitchers who are curious about sewing or have a new machine that is intimidating, or if you haven’t sewn in a few years and want to get back into it and make sure you have the fundamentals before going on to our other classes.

The Ziploc bag is not cutting it? Want to be a little more mysterious while shuttling your bathroom accoutrements? Now you can impress your TSA agent with your own, handmade Boxy Travel bag! These are perfect for anyone and can be used for not only bathroom items, but also make-up, shaving kits, fistfuls of tampons, or whatever your heart desires.


The Cloth Pocket Studio is proud to offer this Sewing 101 course where one will learn:

  • Fundamentals of sewing such as threading your machine, winding your bobbin, adjusting tension
  • Troubleshooting wonky stitches and how to look and listen for problems
  • Understanding how to select the right materials for a project and learn about main types of fabric (wovens, knits, etc)
  • How to sew a zipper, make box corners, and a nifty handle
  • and complete a Boxy Travel Bag start to finish!

    This class will be taught by Zohreh Daly.

    The course will take place during one day for 4 hours. It is designed to accommodate 4-8 students. Feel free to pack a lunch or snack!

    There are NO prerequisites for this course!!!

    Sewing machines can be rented for $5 for the course. It is recommended that you bring a machine if you own one so that you may learn to sew on the machine that you'll be using the most.

    Once you've successfully completed this course, you will be eligible to take any beginner sewing class at The Cloth Pocket Studio! 

    (those marked with * are available for sale at The Cloth Pocket at 10% off for those taking the course)
    - *1 Fat quarter of fabric for exterior (canvas or quilter’s cotton)
    - *1 Fat quarter of fabric for interior (quilter’s cotton)
    - *0.5 yards of fusible fleece
    - *12” zipper (NOT invisible, get the regular kind)
    - *All-purpose thread

    -*Fabric scissors
    -*Straight pins 
    -*Seam/hem gauge
    -*Thread snippers
    -*Seam ripper
    -*Fabric marking pen or tailor’s chalk 
    -*Extra sewing machine needles (size 80/12 and 90/14)
    -*Clear grid ruler
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