Woven Apparel - Easy Skirt w/ Pockets | Beginner Class

Date and Time: Sun Mar 5 3-6pm

Make a simple elastic band skirt with side seam pockets in one class!

In this three hour class, we will make our own simple woven skirt while learning how to:

  • Use a serger to finish seams and edges
  • Use a serger to do an easy rolled hem
  • Insert side seam pockets
  • Insert an elastic waist band

This class will be led by Lilia Beaman of Western Whims. 

Pre-requisites: Recent experience with a sewing machine. Our Intro to Sewing class qualifies you for the class.

(*items can be purchased for 10% off at The Cloth Pocket)

-Sewing machine (one can be rented for $5)
-*1 1/2 to 2 yards of woven fabric (1 1/2 for knee length; 2 yards for maxi length)
-*1/4 yard woven fabric for pockets
-*3/4" or 1" elastic (preferably woven elastic, but braided also works); length needs to equal your waist measurement

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