Open Sewing Lab (Weekdays 10:30a-3:00p) | All Levels


Need a place to spread out to cut out your project? Want to use our sergers and sewing machines because yours are acting up? Just want to get out of the house and hang with like-minded folk?

Then come on down to The Cloth Pocket! The small $15 fee gives you access to our cutting tables, sewing machines, sergers, and irons.

Note: Open Sew only available when there are no morning classes happening.

Our Studio Manager will be present to monitor Open Sewees. HOWEVER, you must be self-sufficient in your projects. Studio Manager and employees are NOT available for tutoring, teaching you how to use a machine or serger, or how to go about making your project. You need to know these things prior to coming to Open Sew. The Studio Manager will be able to provide you with machines, irons, and tools as needed. If one of our machines starts acting up, the Studio Manager will be there to assist with troubleshooting.

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