Woven Apparel - Grainline Willow Tank | Beginner Class


Ready for your first sewing from a pattern project? We have the perfect class for you!

The Cloth Pocket Studio is proud to offer a woven apparel course where one will learn how to:

  • Read and cut from a pattern
  • Sew and press a seam
  • Finish a seam with a serger
  • Sew a dart
  • Sew a french seam
  • Make bias binding and apply it to a curved edge
  • Serge and roll a hem
  • Make Grainline's Willow Tank from start to finish!

 This class will be taught by Dixie Davis of DixieDIY.com

The course will take place over one day for 4 hours. It is designed to accommodate 3-6 students.

Prerequisites: Ability to operate a sewing machine on your own. Recent sewing experience. Our Meet a Sewing Machine class qualifies you for this course!


Sewing machines can be rented for $5 for the course. It is recommended that you bring a machine if you own one so that you may learn to sew on the machine that you'll be using the most. 

(*items can be purchased at The Cloth Pocket for 10% off):
-Sewing Machine (one can be rented for $5)
-*1 1/2 yards of woven fabric
-*Fabric Scissors
-*Seam ripper
-*Sewing machine needle
-*Clear gridded ruler (one can be provided if you don't have one)
-Paper Scissors
-Pen/Pencil for taking notes
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